Fostering Professional Development

Educational opportunities stimulates thought processes and provide time to share ideas and experiences. At PIH Health, we take pride in providing a variety of educational resources to our staff that encourages professional development or skill enhancement. In fact, aside from the patients we serve, and the warm and friendly work environment, we believe this is why we have such a high retention rate. If afforded the opportunity to serve within our organization, it's not uncommon to work along the side of staff whose years of service exceed 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25+ years.

Below are names and job titles of professionals who joined PIH Health early in their careers. Today, they all serve in leadership roles and have flourished into some of the brightest minds within our organization. To learn more about their journey, click on the testimonials link on the left hand-side.

Reanna Thompson, Chief Nursing Officer & Chief Operating Officer

Ramona Pratt, Chief Operating Officer, Group Operations

Perry Ebeltoft, Vice President, Ancillary Service

Adam Jones, Director of Facilities Support

Rashell Myers, Clinical Director, Emergency